Management Services

Our Staff works closely together regarding your community. This ensures that the flow of management will continue if one of the Property Managers are unavailable. Listed below are just a few of the services Tagare' Corporation can provide your community or association:

     *Frequent site inspections to ensure compliance of the guidelines and contractor       
     *Contract solicitation will be analyzed and negotiated.
     *Make recommendations to the Board as to required or necessary maintenance and
       capital improvements to the community.
     *Work with the Board on establishing preventative maintenance programs.
     *Provide 24 hour emergency phone service, if necessary.
     *Prepare Resale Packages in accordance with Virginia Statue.
     *Attend Board of Director meetings.
Assist the Board in the proper procedures for adoption of Resolutions, revisions and
       enforcement of the governing documents.

     *Organize and attend the Annual Meeting of the General Membership.
Management will prepare for all Board meetings and present a Management Report 
       with Financial information and an Agenda.
Ensure that the appropriate insurance coverage for the Board of Directors and the 
       common elements of the community are maintained.
Tagaré will assist the Association in maintaining necessary and appropriate 
       communications with its members.
Maintain complete files of correspondences, contracts, owners files and listings, 
       governing documents, legal correspondences, maps and plats.
Assist owners and residents in resolving situations pertaining to the common area, 
       governing documents, and responsibilities.
     *Provide each association with their own individual website!!!




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